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Coming SOON!! Our Cam goats… from the privacy of your own cave you can watch our naughty goats doing all the things you love to do for and to them. You will be able to watch solo play, goat on goat fun, couples and even hot boy goat/ girl goat action. Call your credit card company, and get your limits raised, because you will LOVE this addition to out site!!

NannyWith a voice that will remind you of your first love, you will know that when she says “Naaaaaaaa” she really means that she can’t wait to be raped my a smelly cave dweller like you. Call early, Nanny is in high demand!!

The Thompson Twins

by The Burka Brothers

Goats Go.. Inspecting.If you have never had a threesome (other than with your muslim brothers), you MUST get a date with the Thompson Twins. Akbar was with them last month, and he is hoping that when his time comes, he can have another time with these lovely ladies INSTEAD of his 72 virgins.

NigerianDwarfDairyGoat Mandy’s Mom… Don’t ever doubt that experience counts. She may be older, and have 43 kids, but THIS cougar will have you coming back again and again!!

Bambi is beyond belief

by The Burka Brothers

images Bambi has been described as “as close as you can get to a boy goat without feeling like a homo.. not that muslims consider themselves homos for screwing boy anything…”

The Andrews Sisters

by The Burka Brothers

The Andrews sisters, have traveled the world over. If you are looking for a weekend to remember for yourself, or for that special imam that you admire, THIS is the ticket!!


Meet Anabel, her Baa-ing has made Muslims the world over cry. She is in high demand, so reserve her early for that “Special” date.